According to Bizzabo

“In response to COVID-19, event technology is evolving faster than ever. This rapid evolution has proven greatly beneficial to the events industry. 90% of event professionals believe that technology can have a major positive impact on the success of their events.”

The number tells it all! It’s time to get involved with the Tech world. As the world is becoming one with Tech, our industry should also move at the same pace.

“Before advances in event technology, event planning was a very manual process. Event planners used to draft the attendee list contact by contact. Event promotions were limited to mediums like print or direct mail. And prior to virtual event technology, organizers were only able to plan live events. But advances in data analytics have allowed event planners to track and measure each component of their events. Similarly, the boom of event technology made it easier to bring in-person, hybrid, and virtual event ideas to life.

Today, event marketers have an array of technologies to choose from and add to their event tech stack.

Each piece of the event technology stack does its part to support the full event lifecycle as it transitions from one phase to the next. Building websites, increasing event registrations, and email promotion are all made possible thanks to event technology.

Event tech has also led to a better user experience. Through the use of platforms, event engagement, and networking tools, attendees can connect with each other at the click of a button. Event apps allow attendees to easily navigate the event with features like chatbots that provide instant answers to their questions or maps to help them navigate massive convention centers. Live Streaming technology is another example that allows attendees to tune into sessions from all across the globe.”